Review: After race Rain @ the F1 Sepang International Circuit

Photos by Nanie, Orchid & Liz

Rain was such a tease, and we’re not talking about the weather.

Well, if you insist, it was cloudy in the afternoon and drizzled at one point but the only rain that mattered at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) on April 10 was the Korean kind.

PhotobucketI WANT YOU!: Rain seems to love K-popped! too 😛

Jung Ji-hoon a.k.a. Rain teased and charmed the crowd at the after race concert with his sexy yet adorable antics.

For instance, the 28-year-old deliberately made a show of wiping himself with a towel after saying that he loves Malaysia “but it is so warm here.” When the crowd screamed for him to throw the towel into the audience, he cheekily made an attempt to wipe his armpit (!), to the mock disgust of the audience.

PhotobucketHAWT: ‘Who wants my towel?’

The Ninja Assassin actor continued to taunt the crowd when he intentionally pointed to his hips before gyrating them suggestively during the energetic and powerful dance number Hip Song. The ladies – and some men – at the open air helipad roared with delight.

The Korean superstar also enjoyed a brief “syiok sendiri” moment when he danced with his shadow towards the end of the song Harudo (Not a Single Day). On top of that, the dance machine – who obediently adhered to the rules of performing on a Malaysian platform – naughtily grinned at the crowd as he held back from the “too sexy” moves during Love Song.

The long wait

Such was Rain‘s charisma during his one-hour concert at the SIC. It made the three-hour wait for the superstar worth it.

Well…but we still need to gripe.

PhotobucketNO SUPPORT: The crowd wasn’t interested in pretty girls. We wanted Rain

The crowd was disgruntled – no, outright pissed – when the organizers decided to squeeze in the final judging of a supermodel search before the concert. I pity the models cat walking to hostile and icy glares, but the platform that night just wasn’t right for them. The crowd boo-ed, showed very little support and asked for Rain instead.

We! Want! Rain!

The kimchi sensation entertained the crowd with 13 tracks. After a laser and light display entitled Performance in the Dark, Rain burst onto the scene in his signature aviator shades and performed Rainism.

The bad, bad boy and his dancers heated up the stage with their moves. The crowd came alive, and Rain rode the electrifying energy on to perform one of his most popular tracks, It’s Raining.

Photobucket I’M HERE!: Rain makes an entrance to the delight of the crowd

After the towel teasing interlude, Rain performed the dance number You. His lady dancers sure got the attention of the boys in the crowd.

The talent then slowed things down a little with Harudo before belting out Running Away from the Sun.

PhotobucketON HIS TAIL: Rain may run away from the sun, but he can’t escape K-popped! 😛

PhotobucketON THE RUN: Water and fire don’t mix

A short interlude followed where Rain’s sole guitarist took the limelight and played the jaunty Rasa Sayang, a Malaysian folk tune. The crowd spontaneously sang along to the song and soon, Rain strutted onto stage while bobbing in rhythm to the tune.

PhotobucketGETTIN’ FRESH:…with the girls is Rain

Sexy Bi (Rain in Korean) then launched into Fresh Woman, getting the girls all excited as he randomly made eye contact and pointed to various ladies in the crowd.

Dance along With U

Engaging the crowd further, Bi announced that the next song “always makes me happy” and wanted the crowd to dance along with him.

With the aid of his dancers and the LCD screen, he gave a brief dance tutorial. Many quickly learned the simple moves, and danced along with Bi at the chorus of With U.

PhotobucketDANCE WITH ME!: The dance machine gets the crowd to move

Bi then teased the crowd again with his powerful performance of Hip Song before a short video for Love Story was shown.

The singer then belted out Love Story before moving right into his other love ballad Love Song where he restrained himself from the sexy moves at the chorus.

PhotobucketSEXY: Rain had to hold back his sexy moves in case he gets reprimanded for being too hawt!

The crowd was disappointed when Bi announced that the next song would be his last. We wanted more! The superstar sang the ballad Friends as his closing number.

The lights went out, and the crowd shouted for an encore.

Nappeun Namja! (Bad Guy!)

The bad guy heeded the call of the crowd and appeared on stage again with his debut track Nappeun Namja.

The two-song encore ended with the cutesy track Instead of Saying Goodbye, also from his debut album.

PhotobucketGOTTA GO: Even a good show must come to an end

Ever the tease, Bi lingered on stage to say his goodbyes. He wiggled his pert @$$ and told the crowd that “he’s out” and made to leave the stage through the centerstage door.

After his dancers filed past him, the mischievous dude danced a brief and sexy ‘lil ditty at the door before disappearing behind it.

PhotobucketPARTY TO REMEMBER: Rain gave fans a memorable night

Even with only an hour, Bi threw a party to remember for his fans as well as fans of motorsports. We can only wish and hope that he returns to Malaysia for a full show. Otherwise, we hear that he’ll be in Singapore in May. \o/ Yay!

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