VIXX Rocked Starlights in Kuala Lumpur

Photos By : RozyMohd

“The Milky Way, is the galaxy that holds up our Solar System.  The Solar System which consists of millions of stars can be seen as a band of light that stretches across the night sky.”

But hold on! We’re not here to talk about the galaxy! It’s the name of VIXX’s First Global Showcase 2013 ‘The Milky Way’, Live in Kuala Lumpur, on October 20!

VIXX The Milky Way Malaysia
Hello Malaysia! L-R: Hyuk, Ken, N, Hongbin & Ravi

(Leo was missing from the picture as he was preparing for the solo stage)

VIXX –  Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis is a six member group from Jellyfish Entertainment which consists of N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk.  The members were chosen from Mnet’s reality program through the elimination system, voted by the viewers.

The show started by teasing the fans with VIXX’s music video, but that excite the fans more! And when the boys finally showed up on stage with the opening number On and On & Light Me Up, the fans were screaming with delight, and for a moment the screams were deafening.  Well, who wouldn’t when the boys looked really good in blue suits, don’t you agree?

VIXX The Milky Way Malaysia 2

During the break between the opening performances and solo stages, the boys greeted the crowd in Malay and introduced themselves, earning more screams especially by the girls.  N mentioned that everyone is so beautiful and they love coming to Malaysia.  This is their second visit and they’d like to visit Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers, among many places.

The show then continued on with solo stages by the boys with Leo, on piano singing Can’t Be Friends and Hongbin with Old Songs.  While Ken and Ravi danced and sang to an upbeat song, Turn Up The Music and warming up the stage for N’s solo hypnotic performance of the blindfold dance (N was blindfolded while performing the dance).

Leo looked cool on keyboard..
Leo looked cool on keyboard..

The boys then turned into superheroes with their debut song Superhero and sang the song Starlight (a special song for the fans).  During the performance, the boys gave a lot of saranghae (hand gesture showing a heart shape) to the fans and aegyo here and there, especially by the king of aegyo, Ken.

Before the show, fans were given the opportunity to leave questions and messages for VIXX.  One of the request was for Leo to sing the song Missing You (그리워 그리워), made famous by the group Noel.  Leo asked for Ken’s help and they both sang a snippet of the song beautifully.  N also did a short sexy dance to Sunmi’s 24 hours! Then, they thought the crowd how to dance the chorus part for the song Rock Ur Body and asked the crowd to dance together when they perform the song. N even said “Bila saya sudah tua saya tidak akan lupa hari ini” (When I’m old I won’t forget this day)aww…

Hyuk flashing his smiles
Hyuk flashing his smiles

Next, they performed Rock Ur Body and the crowd stand up and dance together with VIXX.  But all good things must come to an end.  VIXX performed an encore with the slow version of Hyde and G.R.8.U.

I’m sure that after the show Starlights fell in love so hard for the boys, right?

VIXX The Milky Way Malaysia 5

Thanks to Jazzy Group of Companies for the invite.

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VIXX Showcase ‘The Milky Way’ Live in Kuala Lumpur

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