HaHa Sets the Crowd Crazy at K-Festival 2014

Ha DongHoon or better known as HaHa of the Running Man fame was in Kuala Lumpur on August 8 in conjunction with the K-Festival 2014, organized by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) happening from August 8 – August 10, 2014.  HaHa’s appearance was simple and short, but it gave an impact to the fans who have waited since morning to catch the funny guy in action.

HAHA at K-Festival in Malaysia 2

HaHa recording a video of the fans using his mobile phone

HaHa’s meet the fan session started a bit late, but no one complained as soon as HaHa steps into the concourse area. With a smile on his face, he steps on the stage and greeted the host, Kaki Korea‘s newly appointed ambassador Baki Zainal and addressed the crowd with Apa Khabar! The fans, already screaming, screamed even louder after hearing the simple but powerful Malaysian phrase from the Korean (aww.. you can come whenever you miss us).

HAHA at K-Festival in Malaysia 5

HaHa with Kaki Korea ambassador, Baki Zainal

This is HaHa’s 3rd visit to Malaysia and he’s hoping to come back again with the rest of the Running Man members. In an attempt to make the fans laugh, HaHa mentioned to Baki to not make the fans scream due to tiredness, and the fans started screaming again proving they weren’t tired at all – in which HaHa replied, Terima Kasih. Upon hearing the words, the fans started chanting HaHa! HaHa! HaHa!!

HAHA at K-Festival in Malaysia 3

HaHa readily posed for the camera whenever his name was called

At the event, HaHa distributed personalized t-shirts, and cds. HaHa touched the fans heart when he wanted to reach out and give out the merchandises to the fans who were seated far away from the stage, even the fans who were in 2nd and 3rd floor! 200 lucky fans were given the opportunity to get HaHa’s signature while 2 viewers of 8TV Nite Live managed to score a picture with the man of the hour.

We’ll wait for HaHa and the Running Man cast to grace Malaysia with their presence and who knows, a full fledged Korean reggae concert with HaHa?

HAHA at K-Festival in Malaysia 4

A big thank you to Korea Tourism Organisation and Kuala Lumpur Korea Plaza for the invitation.

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