[Exclusive] Fall in love with Red Velvet, like a first love

Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake interview

Have you ever had that one tune that kept on playing in your mind? You can’t seem to stop it from buzzing in your head and you keep on searching what is that tune that is playing in your head? We have, multiple times.. and since its release, it has been that part where the girls of Red Velvet sang (or hummed) lalalalala~ la-la-la-la.. I know its funny but it’s been stuck and playing like a broken record, and that is how good the song is – and hey! The song has been on number 1 for KBS’s Music Bank and SBS’s Inkigayo! 

When we last interviewed Red Velvet, there were 4 members in the group – WENDY, SEULGI, IRENE and JOY. This time around, they are back with a new member, YERI, who was part of the SM Rookies with IRENE, SEULGI and WENDY. The first video which features YERI, Automatic was released on March 14, followed by Ice Cream Cake on March 15. In time for their comeback album, we had an interview with the members of Red Velvet and talked about the new album.


What are your feelings on the new mini album?

JOY: For this album, we have practiced and worked hard. We also have a new member YERI who has joined us. As we’ve worked hard, we are satisfied that people are giving a lot of love to the song. We will continue and work hard on the promotion of our album to reward on the love that we have received from the fans.

IRENE: I am really excited about it. There are various songs in the album, and features two title tracks with different style, which is Ice Cream Cake and Automatic.

SEULGI: There are 6 songs in the mini album. Its a weird feeling as we released digital singles before but now we are back with a physical album. I hope the fans would love the songs by us and I feel proud and thankful for the album.


For the new album, the group is promoting both Ice Cream Cake and Automatic, can you introduce the song to us?

IRENE: The song Ice Cream Cake, like the cake itself is a sweet song with lyrics that expresses the feeling of a girl falling in love while for Automatic expresses the feeling of automatically falling for the other person and showcases each members vocals.


Red Velvet has welcomed a new member, YERI. What was your reaction when you found out a new member will be added?

IRENE: As I have experienced it before her, I was a bit worried that she could not get used to it. But she managed to do it better than I thought, so I am thankful for that.

SEULGI: I know her and I knew her strength, so I know that her strength is good for the group. We will be different with her in the group and I look forward to this comeback a lot.

WENDY: As I have known her, it wasn’t awkward, and that is also why she can get along well with the group. She gives a lot of energy to the group.

JOY: I have known her before joining the group, and with her in, we have become closer.

Was there any memorable episode while filming the music video?

JOY: Where did we shoot the video for Ice Cream Cake? (teasingly)

Everyone: LA!

JOY: Yes, for the first time, we went to the United States and shoot our music video. It was such an honor to us. What episode was memorable?

WENDY: The driving scene!


WENDY: You might think IRENE was the one driving the car that we were on,

IRENE: But I wasn’t there.

SEULGI: IRENE can’t drive, so..

JOY: There was a foreigner who wore a wig and drove..

WENDY: ..while we get all excited at the back!

IRENE: .. and I just watched them

JOY: And in the video, there was a part where IRENE’s hair was blown by the wind while driving, it was all staged to look like it does.

SEULGI: For Automatic, the most fun part for me was, as the song was really fast, I had a hard time syncing my lips to the song, but it was fun.

JOY: To make the video better, the song was played 2 times faster and we had to dance to it. Surprisingly it came out really good. Shooting the video was very enjoyable and we feel glad that the music video came out really good.


Which song from the mini album would you recommend?

JOY: Each of the songs in the album feels like our babies. Take it Slow is a song from when we were trainees, and we were reminded of our trainee days. And I also like another song called Something Kinda Crazy it expresses the nervous feeling of a first love, and when I listen to it, my heart flutters, like I am falling in love? If you want to feel in love, listen to the song!

Automatic is more sexy and mature, like Be Natural, do the members like this kind of concept?

IRENE: Both title songs have a very different feel, its hard for me to choose which one I prefer

SEULGI: When doing a mature concept, I like the drowsy and natural feeling it exudes.

WENDY: At first it felt awkward for me, as this is the concept that I like but its a bit hard for me to fit. So I am practicing really hard.

JOY: I can’t really choose too as I like both concept.

YERI: As I am still young, I prefer a lively concept. I also would like to be better at doing a more mature concept too.

What do you do during your free time?

YERI: During our free time, we watch movies, and do a lot of things. Recently, we went to Garosugil (a famous hot spot in Seoul). We didn’t just play around, we also exercised and practice a lot for the comeback.


When do you feel moved by your fans?

JOY: We always feel touched every time we meet our fans.

SEULGI: For me, I feel that when we have events and receive awards, hearing the fans scream for us, and even when they said Red Velvet, i just feel touched and teary eyed.

Any messages to your fans in Malaysia?


Lastly, we would like to thank SM Entertainment for the interview with Red Velvet!

Enjoy Ice Cream Cake by Red Velvet

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  • May 19, 2015 at 7:28 pm

    I think YERI is the sweetest ever RED VELVET member and she resembles the sweetest ice cream flavor, CHOCOLATE!!

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    For me, Wendy would suit the napolitana flavour because of her multiple personalities!

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    I think Joy would really suit the vanilla flavour cos she looks so sweet

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    I think Wendy is really bubbly so if there is a bubble gum flavored ice cream, i think it would suit her very much!

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    I think YERI suits the chocolate ice cream flavor cos she looks really sweet!

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