10 of the Best Summer Tunes of 2015!

Summer is slowly coming to a close in Korea, and Autumn will slowly greet us. But we can’t forget the awesome tunes that were introduced to us this summer, right? Songs released in summer will warm up your bodies in cold winter (though in Malaysia we don’t have winter, we have cold rainy days instead). Here are our selection of the 10 best summer tunes of 2015! In no particular order..

Apink – Remember

With such a catchy chorus, Apink has done it again! Don’t you feel like going to the beach after watching the MV?


SISTAR – Shake It

This song makes you want to shake, don’t lie..



Ok, so the song doesn’t really give you the summer feel, but hey, its released in summer and its such a good song!


SHINee – View

Isn’t it just perfect? If you can just take your favorite idol away for a day, go hitch hike, a little partying and err.. fill in the blanks, I know you have good imaginations 😉


AOA – Heart Attack

We just love how cute the girls looked in the video. Anyone who is not a fan yet will surely be a fan after watching this.


Girls Generation – Party

Another SM video shot in Thailand. Girls Generation are back looking beautiful as always and its P-A-R-T-Y time! Who wants to join?


2PM – My House

Doesn’t have the summer feel? But where else do you go after partying and enjoying the sun at the beach? MY HOUSE of course!


GOT7 – Just Right

Don’t you wish you have a pocket size GOT7 staying in your bed room telling you that you’re JUST RIGHT?


EXO – Love Me Right

An upbeat dance track which is perfect for summer and any season of the year.



Another epic group who cameback this summer, is BEAST! Not disappointing with a very catchy dance song. Even Junhyung said it best “Hotter than summer time”, don’t you agree?

Have a song stuck in your head this summer that’s not in the list? Come on and share with us in the comment below 🙂

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