[Exclusive] An Intimate Interview With Ryu Jun Yeol

Ryu Jun Yeol is no longer another rookie actor we have yet to discover. Ever since his portrayal of Kim Jung Hwan in hit K-drama ‘Reply 1988‘ he has catapulted to stardom and now seems to be everywhere. We at K-popped! had the chance to have an exclusive interview with the new star whose fame is on a meteoric rise! Talk about being lucky!

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1. Your latest drama ‘Lucky Romance’ has just ended. How do you feel about it?

It was really a great opportunity as an actor, being able to shoot ‘Lucky Romance‘. I appreciate all support towards me and the drama indeed! Especially, I feel satisfied that all fans and viewers could understand what I truly wanted to show through my character in the drama. I really appreciate being loved through it.


2. What is your most favourite scene from the drama?

It was a scene at the very early stage of the drama that Bo Nui (portrayed by Hwang Jung Eum) was so drunk, kissing Soo Ho. It was the most nervous, exciting, and a bit embarassing moment for me in the entire shooting schedule. Actually, after I saw the behind-the-scenes cuts later, I could see how nervous I was before shooting the scene. It was a bit embarrassing, but I wouldn’t make it without the help from Hwang Jung Eum, who is a veteran actress. Because of that, we could make a great scene. I really appreciate her supporting me at that delicate moment as it was my very first kiss scene(omo!!)

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3. Can you share any information about your next project?

I guess I am going to meet you all again through the film ‘The King‘. The film is regarding a man of power who wants to be the most powerful authority in Korea and his survival battles. The character that I’ve given is totally different one compared to that of mine on the drama ‘Lucky Romance’. Moreover, there is one more film that I’ve been shooting on these days is ‘A Taxi Driver‘ which background is based on the pro-democracy movement in Gwangju, Korea in 1980’s. The film is about a man as a taxi driver, an actor Song Kang Ho is taking the role, and mine is a student who born and raised in Gwangju, Korea. I am looking forward to meet you again soon thru the great pieces.


4. Do you have any plans to have fan meeting tours across South East Asia?

I can’t tell at this point though, but I really want to have a chance to catch up with all my fans in South East Asia. As you may know, I am fond of traveling there, actually I’ve been all most all countries in South East Asia.

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5. Is there any character that you would like to try in your next project?

I don’t want to have any limit on taking characters. being a human as well as an actor, I would like to stay right here as I am surrounded with great people. I wish everything around me would goes just well. That would be all.


6. Kim Jung Hwan or Je Soo Ho, which character is the closest to Ryu Jun Yeol in real life?

Both are really attractive indeed. Jung Hwan is a high school boy-character we could meet up at literally everywhere, then Soo Ho is a man who overcomes his long-time possessed trauma and eventually wins over his true love. I personally think that there is some link between me and Soo Ho. He is an honest guy, and I also tend to express my feeling as it is whenever I am, whoever I am with.

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7. Reply 1988 has turned you into a big star! How do you feel about it?

I am happy that I had a great chance to work on the drama ‘Reply 1988‘. As I was shooting the drama, I had been super happy indeed. It’s a truly memorable experience for me.


8. What is the hardest part of being a celebrity?

Not at all, there are nothing specific that I feel uncomfortable or hard being a celebrity. All the love towards me from all my fans are very special to me, it’s a totally different level of affection that I had been given even from family and friends of mine. It gives me lot of positive energy and I think I could recharge myself through the love from all fans. I will really appreciate it always.  

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9. You like to travel. Could you name us 3 countries that you would like to recommend to other travellers?

It was superb to visit Africa to shoot the entertainment program, ‘Youth Over Flowers‘. The place is something different for me compared to other places that I’ve been to before. I personally think that traveling is matter of who are you with rather than where you would go. I had been really excited and happy enough to being with my co-stars (Park Bo Gum, Go Kyung Pyo, Ahn Jae Hong) in the drama ‘Reply 1988’ at that time.


10. Lastly, please leave a message for all your fans especially those in Malaysia!

Hello, all fans in Malaysia! This is Ryu Jun Yeol. I have realized that there are much more fans of mine over there, nice to meet you! Thank you for all your support and love toward the drama ‘Reply 1988’ and ‘Lucky Romance’. Hope you would love my further activities including upcoming films. Can’t wait to see you all in Malaysia very soon


Well, we hope to see you real soon on our shores too, Ryu Jun Yeol!!


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