Get to know the extraordinary singer, Hwang Chi Yeul

So, this happened to me a few weeks ago, where I was approached by two girls who introduced themselves as Hwang Chi Yeul’s fans. They gave me Hwang Chi Yeul’s latest album 《Be Ordinary》 and we talked for a while. Looking at how passionate they were talking about Hwang Chi Yeul, and how much love they showered him, I was thinking what kind of singer is Hwang Chi Yeul is. Even though he wanted to be ordinary in his album, I don’t think he is that ordinary, isn’t it?

Majority of the fans were introduced to Hwang Chi Yeul through renowned Chinese shows like “I Am A Singer 4” and “Dad, Where Are We Going?”. Some discovered him through Korean variety programs like “I Can See Your Voice” and “Immortal Songs”. Me too. Personally, I was introduced to him by the show, “I Can See Your Voice”.

Hwang Chi Yeul is such a humble singer, who treasures his fans wholeheartedly. Truly, it is a rare sight to see a celebrity who treats his fans like a gem and cherishes them as if they are family. It was evident that he loves his fans, just as much as they love him as an idol.  The fanmeet in Malaysia earlier this year at Arena of Stars Genting Highlands remained as a beautiful memory that Malaysian fans would never forget.

As he performed his recent release, “A Daily Song”, at his solo concert in Korea, his emotions were apparent as seen through the tears that flowed. By then, it was clear that he had to overcome numerous challenges in order to publish his new album. In the process of searching for suitable producers for his songs, he had to endure endless rejections and harsh comments.

“Unfortunately, your album would not be able to do well.”

“You can only stand as a competitive singer, nothing else.”

“Sentimental songs are not a popular pick anymore.”

“An album like yours is doomed to fail from the start.”

And more.



Yes, he is publicly recognized as a quality singer and nobody can doubt his ability when it comes to performing. However, without an influential management company coupled with the high demand for mainstream Korean idol groups in the market, it is tough for a solo singer like him to succeed. With this, fans from all over the world have been working hand in hand with hopes to support him on his musical journey.

He had to sacrifice a lot to get to where he is right now. His future was bright and secured after graduating as an engineer; however, he willingly dropped everything on hand in order to pursue his dream as a musician.

He held onto his wish to produce sentimental songs that would touch people’s hearts. He entered the musical scene as an all rounder. Not just a self taught R&B musician, also as a talented dancer. It was a drastic change for him to deliver tender songs that went against the genre he was used to. It remains as a mystery as to why he remained so determined to stick to sentimental songs instead of upbeat songs that suit his style and the public’s taste.

He bears a great passion for music that motivated him to hold his stance and overcome countless problems that lasted for 10 years. If it was not for his strong determination to fulfill his desire to convey his love for music in the form of sentimental songs, many would have given up due to the harsh situations that they were put into.

It was obvious to his fans, that he is no ordinary man. He, who has the pure intention to bring joy to his listeners by putting his soul into the beautiful melody he sings.

We do hope, that you will fall in love with the singer that never gave up, Hwang Chi Yeul & his hard work 《Be Ordinary》 Mini Album.


Malaysia! Don’t forget to catch him performing at Rock the Moon Concert on 7th October 2017, 8PM at Cheras Leisure Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

Till then, check out his latest MV, ‘A Daily Song’.