Day6 releases 3rd full album ‘The Book of Us: Entropy’

Day6 recently returned with their third full studio album titled The Book of Us: Entropy on 22 October 2019 and boy, they have blessed us another 11 beautifully written songs!

For those new to the name Day6, they are JYP Entertainment’s first rock band (yes, you read that right) consisting of Sungjin (leader, guitarist), Jae (guitarist), Young K (bassist), Wonpil (keyboardist) and Dowoon (drummer).

The best thing of this band? Well, they are all accomplished vocalists (they sing awfully well, with the exception of maknae Dowoon who’s catching up fast) which makes them exceptional to listen to live!

On top of all that, they compose and write lyrics for all their songs, a feat they have kept doing since their first album. Some of their more popular songs are You Are Beautiful, Shoot Me and their 2015 debut song, Congratulations.

Although still in the midst of their Gravity world tour, Day6 took a one month break to promote their current title track Sweet Chaos on South Korean music shows, a far cry from their early days where they only performed in night clubs and busked on the streets.

Their latest title track ‘Sweet Chaos’ is swing number with rock vibes, and has the fastest BPM among all their releases so far. Drummer Dowoon shines in the opening beats of this song!

Watch the music video for ‘Sweet Chaos’ below:

The songs on their latest album ‘The Book of Us: Entropy’ can be separated into two sections, the first half gives of a rockier sound as it’s heavier on the guitar riffs and drum beats, signifying the ‘positive and hot’ phase of a relationship between two people.

The second half of the album is more mellow with a pop rock sound, and is supposed to signify the ‘negative and cold’ phase of a relationship. Personally I love the songs on the album’s second half as it’s a more familiar Day6 sound which I first fell in love with.

Some of my favourites tracks off this album are 365247, Ouch, Not Fine and Like A Flowing Wind.

Check out their album sampler below:

Their fans (called My Day) always say, Day6 doesn’t have a single bad song. And the reason that kept Day6 going all these years? As bassist Young K revealed in an interview, it’s the love from My Days that gave the members strength to continue doing music, and with that, Day6 have found their true calling.

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