[Event Coverage] A Sweet Voyage with Mr. Vagabond

November 2019 marked the 7th year of Lee Seunggi’s last Fanmeeting in Malaysia. Airens (Lee Seunggi’s fan club name) has been missing Lee Seunggi more than anything and had been waiting for him to come back for another fanmeeting here. And the longing feeling was finally over as IMC Live Global announced Malaysia as the final stop for Lee Seunggi Asia Fanmeeting “Vagabond Voyage” last August. After the long wait, finally the day has come and Airens get to meet the man they’ve been missing for so long.

The ‘short vacation’ with Lee Seunggi started at 7pm last Saturday. The stage started with Lee Seunggi performing one of his all-time hit, “Because You Are My Woman”. The Hall was full with scream and the voice of Airen singing along with Seunggi from the start.


The fanmeeting continued with a talk session after the performance. Mentioning that he was excited to come back to Malaysia after 7 years and feeling ecstatic that this is the last stop for his first tour after coming back from finishing his Military Service. During this session, Lee Seunggi showed his picture from years back including pictures from his fanmeeting in Malaysia in 2012 up until nowadays. Everyone in the hall was amazed to look at the picture as we can say that Seunggi doesn’t really age and he looks just the same as his old picture and even more handsome now.


As we all know that Lee Seunggi is very active in variety shows after his service, to share his feeling about this, Seunggi mentioned that he enjoyed filming variety shows very much and said that through the show, he can express his true color and it makes him happy. When talking about Vagabond, Lee Seunggi shared with Airen that there were no easy scene to film in this drama as each scene took a long time to complete. But then the whole filming process was very meaningful for him. The MC also asked Seunggi about the kissing scene with Suzy in the drama. Lee Seunggi mentioned to the crowd that the scene was even more harder to film compared to action scene as he needs to deliver the ‘butterfly effect’ feeling to the viewers and it was definitely not an easy task for him. When being asked about Vagabond Season 2, Lee Seunggi said that no decisions has been made yet but he asked fans to look forward for it.

During the session, Lee Seunggi also talked about his comeback as a singer. He mentioned that for his next comeback album he wants to make songs that is full with his own story. Hence he asked Airen to give him some time to prepare for it as he doesn’t want to produce a single for comeback this time around.


For the next session, the organizer prepared game for the lucky fans to play with Lee Seunggi. It was a game called ‘777’ game where the fans from Team A and Team B needs to pick one action and reenact Seunggi’s action on the screen and it has to be similar to Seunggi’s action on the stage. The whole winning team won a quick photo session with Seunggi on the floor. Lee Seunggi also turned himself into a chef for Airen that night and prepared local food “Popiah” with his own style for the lucky fan.


The show was heading to the end after the game session, before Lee Seunggi’s last performance, Malaysia Airen has stolen some moment to make a love confession for Seunggi through the video they created especially for him. Lee Seungi was so touched by the video. We can see it clearly on his face on the screen. To return the big love he receive from Airen, Seunggi told Airen that he will work harder in the future to be with the fans. Hence, he asked Airen to just stay where they are with him forever. Before leaving the stage, Seunggi performed his songs “Return”, “Delete”, “Smile” and “Let’s go on vacation”. Airens on the floor were singing and dancing along with Lee Seunggi till the time he left the stage, bidding farewell to the fans.

Overall it was a great show full with fun, joy and heartful content. We enjoyed every moment of the show from the beginning to the end. Kudos to IMC Live Global as we can say that this event was a great success. We are really thankful for the chance given to us to cover this event and also for love hospitality provided by IMC team. And deeply we really hope Lee Seunggi will come back again to Malaysia for his next Fanmeeting. =)



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