It’s A Full Packed Schedule For KCON:TACT 3!

KCON:TACT 3 – The Largest Online K-Culture Event in The World – Returns This Month – March 20-28

Programming Includes a World Tour of K-Pop performances, Online Fan Meet Ups, and Artist Meet & Greets

The world’s largest online K-Culture festival, KCON:TACT 3 will take place 3/20(Sat) to 3/28(Sun) and is jam packed with excitement. It includes K-Pop artists performances, online fan meet-ups, influencer workshops, and special content for fans in the US and Japan.

The star-studded lineup includes 26 artists leading the K-pop scene in the US, as KCON:TACT 3 aims to bring these artists especially for US fans. The concert schedule is as follows:

  • AB6IX, LOONA, OH MY GIRL, THE BOYZ will be performing on 3/20,
  • Dreamcatcher, SF9, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, WOODZ on 3/21.
  • Ha Sungwoon, iKON, Jessi, JO1, P1Harmony on 3/25,
  • A.C.E, EVERGLOW, HyunA, Lee Jin Hyuk, Stray Kids on 3/26,
  • For the last concert on 3/28, BTOB, Kang Daniel, MAMAMOO, TOO will be performing.

These stages will be live streamed at 5AM (PST) / 9PM (KST), with the ‘World Tour’ concept of visiting previous KCON cities in the US, Japan, Thailand and France. EVERGLOW, OH MY GIRL and WOODZ will also perform with the stadium concert content, ‘V DIUM’. V DIUM(VIRTUAL + STADIUM) is a virtual concert stadium created by the CJ ENM team that aims to bring the previously offline concert experience to life at home. The detail and technology, including XR(extended reality), brings a life-like, immersive experience for fans watching at home, bringing fans and artists even closer together.

The online fan meet ups and artist meet & greets will also return for KCON:TACT 3. It’ll provide the audience with new experiences like ‘Live KCON-ers’ and ‘Fan Featuring Stage’ where fans can participate in their favorite artists’ stages, and ‘Fan Request Stage’, which will offer interactivity between the artists and fans.

‘KCON STUDIO X DIA TV’ is returning as well. Na Haeun from ‘Awesome Haeun’ with 5.04M subscribers, ‘Jung Seonho’, famous for capturing funny moments with his mom, and Chuu from LOONA will be featured.

KCON:TACT 3 will feature new content tailored for fans in all parts of the globe, including content for fans in the US. One of KCON’s signature and most popular program featuring influencers and artists will meet fans in each corresponding time zone and language. In the U.S., Ellen & Brian, Edward Avila, Reiner, and Susie Kelly will be featured in special programs and M&G.

Kim Hyun Soo, head of the Convention & Live Entertainment Business Division at CJ ENM said, “We are trying to provide a platform where all K-Culture fans around the world can come together and celebrate with us while we anxiously await the day to meet in person. We are excited for what is planned, including 26 K-Pop artists and the influencers who will be showcased at KCON:TACT 3. We are looking forward to this event.”


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