Two New Movies “Countdown ” And “The Devil’s Deal” Premiere On tvN Movies On-Demand This June

Korean movie fans are in for a treat! Fresh off the theatres, two refreshing movies Countdown and The Devil’s Deal will premiere on tvN Movies On-Demand (Astro First – TVOD) this June. The inspiring sports film “Countdown” will be available from 8 June, while the political crime thriller “The Devil’s Deal” will be available from 17 June, both via the pay-per-view option on Astro First.


It is often said that athletes die twice. Former boxer Park Si-heon (Jin Sun-kyu) feels like he has already experienced both deaths: first, when he won the most controversial gold medal of the 1988 Olympics and second, when his career ended in disgrace because of that very gold medal. Now on his third life as a hard-headed small-town teacher, he is badgered by the principal to coach the school’s boxing team. While reluctant at first, Park becomes determined to get the team into shape upon meeting Yeon-woo (Sung Yu-been), a potential boxing star. Together, Si-heon and his underdog team set out to prove that they both have what it takes to be a true champion.

The Devil’s Deal

Dive into the dark side of Korea’s election in The Devil’s Deal, a crime noir film set in 1992’s Busan. Congress candidate Jeon Hae-woong, who began his political life from the very bottom, is determined to win the general election and gain a seat in the congress. However, after power broker Kwon Soon-tae withdraws his support, Hae-woong fails to clench the party nomination. Just when he thought he was down and out, Hae-woong obtains top secret documents which Soon-tae has created in order to dominate the election. With the backing of local gangster Kim Pil-do, who provides him with funding to fuel his campaign, Hae-woong runs as an independent at the election. Soon-tae soon realises that Hae-woong is in possession of the top-secret documents and slowly ups the ante…

Starring three of the most representative Korean actors Cho Jin-woong, Lee Sung-min and Kim Moo-yul, The Devil’s Deal boosts a powerful synergy effect on the screen that hasn’t been seen before!

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