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[Event Coverage] B.I Keeps Promise With 2024 Hype Up Tour In Kuala Lumpur

Kim Han Bin or more famously known as B.I finally brought his much anticipated tour “HYPE UP” to Kuala Lumpur. IDs (B.I fandom name) gathered and 3000 fans from Malaysia and neighboring countries flooded Mega Star Arena, Sungei Wang and partied for almost 3 hours.

B.I all smiles while looking at his fans

Half hour before the show headliner B.I got on stage, DJ Padi entertained the arena with hits from the old days such as the Backstreet Boys and all the way to the current hits such as Ariana Grande. Heating up the atmosphere before B.I showed up and wowed the fans.

B.I opened with Michelangelo and performed hits after hits and encouraged fans to dance along and be on their feet throughout the show. “You’re not allowed to sit unless I am sitting” said B.I during one of his breaks, eliciting laughters and agreement from the fans who were ready to party it out.

Fans were also overjoyed everytime the singer/rapper came down from the stage and walk around to reach fans who were far away from the stage. Before performing “Nineteen”, the artist asked the crowd if there are 19 year olds’ among them, before spotting one in the 2nd section. B.I went all the way to the fan and asked

“What do you want to do when you turn 20?”

Fan: “I want to keep studying hard”

B.I: “You want to keep studying even  when you’re 20 years old?”

Fan: “Yes, I want to keep going to your concerts.”

B.I: “I’ll have to keep being active then”

.. and dedicated the song to the fan.

At one point of the performance, B.I noticed a few IDs dancing along in the crowd and invited them to dance on stage with him. The group of friends excitedly joined him and danced to “Tasty” alongside the artist himself and his dancers. The crowd cheered the lucky fans, who even got themselves pictures with B.I.

During one of the segments, B.I invited his ‘little brother’ – LEO, an artist from the same record label to perform “Pretty Plzzz” a song that B.I featured on. B.I left the stage after and proceeded to let LEO shine as he performed “Come Closer” and “Farewell”.

Like most concerts, there is a segment where the fans give back to the artist through a special fan made video. The artist laughed and smiled while watching his fans antics. After the video, he replied to his fans’ disappointment of Malaysia being skipped for the previous tour. B.I performed in Malaysia multiple times at music festivals but this is the first time for his own concert. He mentioned that he tried but it was unsuccessful. But he kept his promise hence “HYPE UP” in KL happened.

Towards the end of the show, B.I said “I have 3 more songs left, but we still have the encore.. and you know that what we had earlier was just part 1, and we’re moving into part 2…”, making the fans more excited. B.I performed almost 30 songs and another 20 during his encore stage.

“We are into the encore stage, and this is when we really have to jump. So if you’re not feeling well, or tired, this is the only time I will let you leave, or else, join me and have fun”, said B.I before proceeding with his encore stage. He even shared a few demo (unreleased songs) with his fans, with one song featuring LEO.

Thank you, B.I for including Malaysia in your tour. We would like to thank Lo-fi Entertainment for the invitation.

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