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[Exclusive] Song Hye-kyo shares beauty secrets with K-popped!

In celebration of becoming the new face of Laneíge, Song Hye-kyo exclusively shares with K-popped! her beauty regime and dieting habits :-).

As of July 2008, the Hwangjiny actress officially replaces Jun Ji-hyun as the spokesperson for the Korean cosmetic brand. Hye-kyo’s first task as spokesperson is to represent the Snow Spring Collection: Snow Bloom.

Read the interview below to learn about the 27-year-old’s favourite Laneíge product, fav Korean dish and secret for staying gorgeous.

How do you feel about being the new face of Laneíge?

Laneíge is popular not only in Korea but also in many other Asian countries as well, and I’m very glad to be a spokesperson for such a brand. I feel a heavy responsibility already as a spokesperson of Laneíge.

I would love to show an attractive image as spokesperson of Laneíge, a leading brand of beauty in Asia, including the domestic market of Korea.

Please expect to see the best of ‘Song Hye Kyo’ as I give my best through the Laneíge ads.

What are your Laneíge favourites and what is your secret to flawless skin?

Laneíge Power Essential Skin Toner is my favourite item. I use it every morning and evening. When it comes to skincare, I put much priority on moisturising and firming-up the skin.

Power Essential Skin Toner is a good item to combat dryness, especially when I’m filming outdoors. Although it is a toner, when applied on the face, it feels like a serum that stays longer, I really love this item.

After a rigorous day at work, I’ll either use Star Pure Treatment Mask (sheet mask) or Water Sleeping Pack. I use these alternatively every night to rejuvenate and refresh my skin.

Usually, I don’t try to cover the skin under thick make-up, I just pay more attention to giving it more radiance by accentuating luminosity.

What is your favorite Korean dish? Are there any special diets you adhere to?

My favourite food is pumpkin soup (호박죽). Pumpkin is good for health and it is also good for reducing the “swollenness” of the body, so I really like it.

For my health, I don’t eat fast food or drink soft drinks. I also prefer fish and vegetables to meat. For keeping my body fit, I try to make and eat Korean food as much as possible and I frequently do stretching exercises after dinner.

How does Song Hye-kyo stay in shape?

I stay in shape by regularly hitting the gym. I’ve adhered to a workout routine since my debut. I exercise more than 4 days a week. What I like most is the 20-minute stretching exercises before and after the workout.

I do full-body stretches such as bending over, while standing, to touch my toes.

After a workout, I usually relax with a nice, warm bath. Water is heated until body temperature and aroma-scented bath herbs like lavender is added to it. It works wonders in chasing away fatigue and stress.

Also, I frequently hydrate the body by drinking water. You can begin your day by drinking two glasses of water on an empty stomach, and complete the daily mission of drinking more than 1.5 liters of water every day.

Special thanks to Laneíge Malaysia for making this possible for K-popped! 🙂

New Laneige model struts her stuff
Song Hye-kyo is the new face of Laneige

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  • toberemember

    Following the celebrities’s news and their activities, of course the viewers’ comments, there are many ‘annoyed comments’ who’s hater!

  • I think she's beautiful. The beauty secrets are pretty simple and I think that's why it works. If you read carefully it's pretty obvious how she does it. Drink lots of water, relax and stay stress free, exercise, and eat healthy. Stay clear of greasy fatty foods or things with high sugars. Supplement all of these good healthy choices with a couple of superior products and you're all set!

  • wow! SONG HYE KYO is really beautiful ! i like her so much !!!

  • Anonymous

    I have news, if you drink only water, and enough water you will have amazing skin. Its great!

  • Finnhuang

    Hi Anonymous,

    Was just wondering what were you trying to say? I come from Singapore and have nothing against plastic surgery. Which is why I posted the previous statement to those who claimed that SHK has gone under the knife. I don’t see a reason on why ppl are judging them on whether they had gone for PS or not. I personally feel that if PS can enhance your looks and at the same time, boost ur confidence, I really do not see why not. I have may Korean friends who had told me that they get an eye or nose job for their 18th birthday and parents are now saving up for their children when they grow up.

    Who said it was a crime? Cos I really do not think that anywhere along my lines did I promote that.

    And which part of my statements were hypocritical. I would suggest that you read a post properly before firing at anyone.

    Would appreciate that. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    It’s so frustrating how its practically a CRIME to be both pretty and Korean nowadays. Of course some or even most Korean celebrities get plastic surgery – but anyone would be hard pressed to find countries whose celebrities do NOT have any plastic surgery. And worse, it’s becoming slowly a RACE thing. In America, for example, celebrity PS is considered almost something exclusive of celebrities, only the rich and famous do it. Average Americans are generally considered natural on first glance. Yet how is it if ANY Korean girl (celebrity or not) is pretty nowadays, everyone automatically assumes its PS no matter what.

    It’s all especially shocking when other countries – usually other Asian countries, ironically – point a finger at Korea of being devoid of “natural beauties.” To which I say: Just look at

    I don’t mean to say no Korean celebrities get plastic surgery – many certainly do – but if anything, I truly believe this growing stereotype against not only Korean celebrities but average Koreans is unjust. Statements like “it’s a fact that most koreans have plastic surgery” and “If you stayed in Korea…you would too cos it is more of a socail stigma!” are terribly hypocritical, ESPECIALLY if they are coming from any countries above #27 – Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan for those too lazy to click the link.

  • Finnhuang

    it’s a fact that most koreans have plastic surgery, but i do recall reading from somewhere that actress like Song Hye-Kyo adn Lee Ying-Ae are both natural beauties! They have not had plastic surgery before. Personally, I think Song Hye-Kyo would be perfect if she was taller… Still she is gorgeous! But so what if they had gone under the knife? If you stayed in Korea…you would too cos it is more of a socail stigma!

  • Anonymous

    she ain’t so beautiful…plastic surgery in Korea is common for celebrities there…
    wait a minute…she’s way too skinnier lately…i bet she has an eating disorfer..her original body was quite plump, chubby…

  • @daisyjane
    she didn’t mention breakouts because she doesn’t get them XP

    Way to go w/ the interview, K-popped sisters!

    But I can bet that even if I used what she used & did what she did I still wouldn’t look like her X(

  • THe first anonymous poster…clueless.

    Of course, all she will basically say is to buy the products because she’s the spokesperson and the interview is about the product.

    Yeah,put really something in your ass. I bet you’re not even as beautiful as her eyelashes.

  • kpop-rubba

    OMG I cant believe you got an article with SHG!!
    and anon its kinda her job to promote the product line xP and she really IS that beautiful

  • It’s unfair! She does not mention about pimple problems or break outs. 🙁

  • wow! u guys got an exclusive interview sith SHK??? great… well, she is beautiful! i love her in Full House!

  • i like her, but she looks like she has lost a lot of weight – does she have an eating disorder?

    i have read somewhere that pictures from when she was younger surfaced and people started calling her names

    if that’s the case, it’s unfortunate – her recent pictures show her to be lifeless and it would really be healthier for her to have more meat on her bones.

  • Stretching exercises after dinner???

    Whoa, now that’s a bit much and sad.

    But great stepping stone for k-popped is concerned! hwaiting!

  • MORE PIC PLS!!!!!! Song Hye-Kyo is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ACTRESS in Korea! Serious! She’s so so so beautiful that I can’t stop looking at her pic.

  • SHK is beautiful. I think the first Anonymous needs spectacles. Ha ha, jealously rears its ugly head. tsk tsk tsk.

  • You got to interview her? CONGRATULATIONS! Loved the article and hope you ladies get to do more celeb interviews!

  • She is NOT that beautiful! Beauty Secrets? My ass! Use the products was all she said!

  • Scruffy Acorn

    Another excellent article K-pop ladies. Congratulations.

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