Did MBC axe Rain’s performance?

Apparently, Rain (27) requested that his performance at the Incheon Korean Wave Festival be axed from the programme.

Rain took the final stage during the concert, which was held on Sept 5 at the Incheon World Cup Stadium. However, when the MBC network broadcasted the show yesterday (Sept 12), Super Junior was shown closing the event instead.

MIA: ‘Whaddaya mean I won’t get on TV?’


Axed?: ‘Who’d want to snip out this
lovely footage of me?’

Many fans are curious about the missing footage but a representative of MBC’s Show! Music Core said: “Rain’s performance wasn’t removed, he just didn’t want it to be broadcasted, and that is why it was not shown on TV this afternoon.”

I don’t buy that. I wonder what Rain’s camp has to say about this?

Sources: allkpop & Newsen

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