Super Show 3 (SS3) Malaysia projects list

Are you prepared for Super Junior’s Super Show 3 Malaysia on 19 March?

Well, looks like most of you are gearing up towards SS3 Malaysia as it’s less than 20 days away! Yup, 17 more days and those of you who have your tickets for SS3 will be able to watch Super Junior perform live, in front of your eyes. And so, to help you prepare you for the concert (especially for first-timers), here are some easy guidelines for you!

• First up, your tickets should be with you.

• Secondly, make sure you have the accurate directions to the Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil. If you are driving, plan ahead to avoid traffic jams and to ensure that you have enough time to park your car to walk to the stadium. You might want to consider tying some cloth or ribbon to the antenna of your car or capture a photo of where you have parked so that can find your vehicle easily after the concert.

• If you are planning to take the public transport, double-check the schedule (if there is any) so that you get there on time. Keep in mind that the weather may sometimes affect your journey to and from the concert!

• If you are planning to get there earlier for the pre-concert sale or project matters, you may want to consider bringing a raincoat or umbrella as extra precaution.

• A small flashlight can also always come handy (e.g. when you are scouring for your concert props or camera batteries in the dark).

• Extra money can never be harmful. You may end up wanting to buy more things than you intended.

• Moreover, you may want to get some more food and drinks to last the night before the concert starts. The worst case scenario for you would be to faint from hunger or dehydration.

• Once you are in, do scout for the closest restrooms from your seats, so that you wouldn’t need to waste time wandering for them, if you need to go for a toilet break in the middle of the concert.

• If you have huge support banners, do remember that there are fans seating or standing behind you as well, so try not to hold them up for too long. The same goes if you are planning to stand up in front of those seated behind you for the entire show. Be considerate to other fans around you.
• If you in the rock pitt area, do not  forcefully push your way to get to the front.

• Most of all, enjoy yourself while remaining courteous to other fans!

And since it is a K-Pop concert, here are the on-going projects for SS3!

The 319 Super Bus Project: Fund-raising project to have buses traffic ELFs who are having transport problems to Putra Stadium and back to their original terminals

Bow Project-Thank You project: A simple project to thank the SJ members. All the numbered seat tickets holder will bow while rock pitt ticket holders will do the ‘saranghae’ sign (refer to link for more information).

Shining Star Project: To sing Shining Star to the boys, just before they leave the stage (refer to link for more information).
• SS3 Malaysia Perfect Pure Sapphire Blue Ocean + SJ13 Banner Projects: Self-explanatory and more here.

Search for SS3 zone leaders, brought to you by My-SJ

Teukie’s solo projects: All listed here, brought to you by Teukwings Teuk

HeeChul’s solo project: The sale of hand support-banners project, especially for zone L2 ELFs and Petals – only RM20 through hand delivery!), brought to you by MYHeechul & Hearthee

YeSung’s solo project: A fund-raising project for a solo Yesung banner to be hung in the concert hall! Those who are willing to donate more than RM5 will be given a MYClouds Yesung Support Flag (not for sale), brought to you by MYClouds

SungMin’s solo project: Hand banner project (4000 ones for free for ELFs seated at selected zones and another support towels for sale project.

Siwon’s solo project: Sale of t-shirts for fans of Siwon, brought to you by Siwon’s SS3 Msia Project

Eunhyuk’s solo projects: Entries still needed for the photobook project and the sale of hand support-banners project, brought to you by Super Show 3 in M’sia EUNHYUK’s Birthday Project (they are also in need for donations to cover their projects as they are really lacking in funds. So, if you are interested in donating, please do e-mail them at [email protected]).

DongHae’s solo projects: Sale of t-shirts and hand towels for fans of DongHae.

Kyuhyun’s solo project: Sale of t-shirts has just been closed but do LIKE this page as they are planning to give out hand banners for FREE for those in specific zones.

Henry’s solo project: A simple fan-chant project, brought to you by Strings’ Malaysia

Ryeowook & SungMin’s duo project: The sale of support badges have just ended but do LIKE this page as they may be coming up with a cheer project next!

Shin Dong & DongHae’s banner project: Individual hand banners for both members up for sale, brought to you by Donghae & Shindong SS3 Project (They are also lacking of funds for the production of banners as well as a photobook for the both of them, so do head there to donate, if you can!)

Birthday surprise for Eun Hyuk and Siwon: Birthday song project.

Hmmm, looking through the list, it seems that there is not solo project in-the-making for Zhou Mi? Any takers? Hopefully, those of you who are planning to attend SS3 will enjoy participating in these projects and getting to know other fans of Super Junior, not only in Malaysia. Have fun!

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