TVXQ Soars in their Comeback Performance in Malaysia

TVXQ won over the hearts of Cassiopeias (TVXQ fanclub name) AGAIN as they performed a spectacular comeback performance in Malaysia on May 18.  Stadium Malawati Shah Alam transforms into a sea of pearl red throughout the 3 hour performance.

Are you ready???!

Minutes before the light went off, fans around the stadium can be heard talking about how excited they were feeling of seeing the legendary K-pop group performing once again in Malaysia.  The minute the lights went off, signalling the start of the concert, fans all over the stadium started to scream in excitement, as a video of TVXQ was shown on 3 big screens, and well.. that was the beginning of a HOT night!

After the introduction video, the duo showed up flying off from the stage over the sea of red ocean with lasers beamed off their bodies, kicking off the concert in style. They then started the performance with Rising Sun, a song that brought them to stardom.

The Rising Gods of the East

Showing off their energetic dance moves in fast paced songs like Getaway, Why and Hey, the stage was transformed into a flowery garden with dancers appearing as garden insects and playfully plays around with the duo.  Max and Yunho then flew above the audience in an airplane each during Journey. It was a smooth journey for Changmin but Yunho’s plane did not land as smooth as Changmin’s did which resulted in Yunho jumping onto the stage . Despite having to jump out of his plane, Yunho continued singing which garnered cheers from the fans.

Max and Yunho on their airplanes

Yunho, be careful!

When the stadium was scorching hot from the performances, the duo cools down the temperature with a medley of their famous ballads such as Memories, I Never Let Go, Always There and As Always which brought the fans down memory lane. During the performance of Unforgettable, fans held up their banners as a sign of their unconditional love towards the duo.  Judging from the reaction of the fans, TVXQ were proven to be unforgettable.

Yunho in their happy garden

They were each given a chance to showcase their individual talent as they performed solo. Changmin sang Confessions as a sign of endearment towards the fans while Yunho showed off his sexy side with Hunny Funny Bunny.  When the song Purple Line came on, the fans exchanged the red light sticks to purple ones to form the Purple Ocean. 

Its Yunho time..

A special VCR of fans giving their messages of encouragement, love and support touched the hearts of the fans especially ones who have been with TVXQ since they debuted.  TVXQ and the fans came together when they chanted their trademark WE ARE T to symbolize the relationship between TVXQ and the fans as ONE.

Great team work between Max and Yunho

TVXQ also performed songs from their latest album such as Catch Me, Humanoids, Dream  and the powerful rendition of How Are You. During the brief absence of the duo while changing for their encore performance, the fans sang I Swear as a gift to the group, waving banners in unison.


Coming up on stage once again, the encore performance started off with Mirotic and continued with Hi Ya Ya, Summer Dream and Sky before wrapping up with I’ll Be There.  Even though it was a 3 hour performance with almost 27 songs performed, the time went by too fast and TVXQ had to once again bid adieu to the fans. Max and Yunho thanked the fans for patiently waiting and promised that their next world tour would not leave Malaysia behind.


This could easily be the concert of the year as fans were brought closer to TVXQ. More than RM1.5 million was invested in the development of the TVXQ stage, which was designed for the fans in Malaysia to enjoy an intimate concert setting. The unique layout provides the audience with an up close and personal experience with Max and Yunho as the boys dazzled spectators with signature dance moves, catchy beats and soulful serenades.



Congratulations to JPM Music for a job well done in organizing their first K-Pop concert and for bringing Cassiopeias back together again.  JPM Music collaborated with SM Entertainment and Dream Maker Entertainment whilst teaming up with joint presenter Magnum Live to make the concert in Malaysia possible. Authentic Korean restaurant chain DaoRae, provided specialized meals for the band’s entourage.


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