Wanna One’s PARK WOO JIN and LEE DAE HWI presents a duet single ‘Candle’

PARK WOO JIN and LEE DAE HWI, two of the members of a super K-Pop group Wanna One presents a duet single ‘Candle’, their first project under BRANDNEW MUSIC label. The track is a surprise release and a special message to the fans, thanking them for their support thus far.

The single is also released as a celebration of LEE DAE HWI’s birthday. The track is produced by LEE DAE HWI himself as well as K-Pop scene’s veteran producers, DJ Juice and 9999.

Meanwhile with Wanna One project terminating in January, PARK WOO JIN and LEE DAE HWI will continue their music career under BRANDNEW MUSIC label along with their label mate K-POP idol group, MXM (BRANDNEWBOYS).

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