What You Need To Know About The Time Travel & Mystery in SISYPHUS

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Sisyphus is blending science fiction, action, and comedy into an exciting escape from reality. Genius engineer Han Tae-sul (Cho Seung-woo) tries to uncover the truth behind his older brother’s death while Gang Seo-hae (Park Shin-hye) wants to save Tae-sul and the world. There’s a lot of mystery and intrigue packed into the suspenseful storyline, so we’re here to clear up some questions you might have halfway through the series. Check out the facts (and spoilers!) below.

Seo-hae comes from a nuclear war-ravaged future and she wants to change it.


Seo-hae is able to travel to the past thanks to Tae-sul’s future invention of a quantum teleporter (aka time machine) which is called an Uploader.


You must wear minimal clothing and can bring a suitcase with you when you time travel.


There are side effects to time traveling. Only 5% make it and you can end up being disfigured.


Seo-hae has some side effects as well. She glitches at times and gets nosebleeds.


The Control Bureau hunts down time travelers and tracks them by checking time travel radiation levels.


The Control Bureau, a government agency, detains time travelers in a secret building. 


They seem willing to kill Seo-hae, but not as eager to kill Tae-sul.


There are brokers who help time travelers adjust and escape the Control Bureau, for a cost.


Broker Mr. Park knows Tae-sul’s brother Tae-san and wants the key from Tae-sul.


They have access to a Downloader which shows them where time travelers will appear.


Tae-san is alive, and he’s trying to find a way to save Tae-sul. He warned Seo-hae to stay away from Tae-sul.


Sun, who helped Seo-hae earlier, is back to help her again.


People Tae-sul trusted, including his friend Seung-bok and his psychiatrist Seo-jin, have been lying to him to get what they want.


Tae-sul wants to find his brother and Sigma, but Seo-hae wants to save Tae-sul and the world.


Seo-hae has memories of time travel after finding her future diary.


Seo-hae found it alongside her future corpse. Her future self asks her to save the person she loves, Tae-sul.


Then there’s also Sigma who appears to be the most formidable villain.


Sigma has been keeping an eye on Tae-sul and Seo-hae. We know he’s a time traveler having been discovered by Tae-san on the train tracks. He’s probably one of the earliest time travelers. It turns out that he’s been watching Tae-sul from the beginning and orchestrated investments. Now that Tae-sul is calling him out, we’ll be seeing more of the mysterious villain.

What are your thoughts on the various mysteries of Sisyphus? Check out the series only on Netflix, with episodes every Wednesday and Thursday at 9.30PM MYT, 90 minutes after the Korean broadcast.

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