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Press Conference of Navillera with Song Kang, Park In-hwan, Na Moon-hee and Hong Seung-hee

Another k-drama to look forward to!

Left to right : Hong Seung-hee, Song Kang, Director Han Dong-hwa, Park In-Hwan, Na Moon-Hee

Navillera, starring Park In-hwan, Song Kang, Na Moon-hee and  Hong Seung-hee, is a drama about people who go through difficulties in their lives while in search of their dreams. Shim Deok-chul (Park In-hwan), who has taken care of his family his whole life, meets ballerino Lee Chae-rok (Song Kang) who is lost and has a lot of pain in his life. They have an intriguing bromance and great chemistry.

The press conference was held on March 16 in Seoul, attended by the casts and the director himself, joined by reporters from all over Asia Pacific.

Park In-hwan

On their characters..

Park In-hwan plays Shim Deok-chul, a man who dares to follow his dream at the age of 70. Park In-hwan said when he saw the original webtoon, he felt that it was extremely entertaining and very inspiring.

Song Kang, who plays the character Lee Chae-rok said, he felt like he was Chae-rok himself. Chae-rok, has a pure and warm heart, but people may misunderstand him because of his reserved personality. In that sense, they share some similarities because Song Kang feels like he is like that. Meeting Deok-chul really brings out Chae-rok’s big heart and amplifies it.

When Na Moon-hee first read the webtoon, she didn’t think the wife had a large role. However, after deciding to take on this role, she saw that Deok-chul is able to chase after his dreams because his wife is by his side. Hae-nam (her character) is very considerate of her husband and children. As she is in the later years of her life, she thinks that she has to rely on her partner a lot.

Hong Seung-hee plays Eun-ho, a girl who follows the strictly constructed plans of her father. Hong Seung-hee admitted that the trait that she related the most to her character was, her going through a phase of not really knowing what she wants. She tried really hard to find what she really wanted. Eun-ho, in the webtoon, is a cold person with a warm heart. In the series, she seems less mature and more youthful. Both versions of Eun-ho are good drivers, but Hong Seung-hee admitted she is not.

Na Moon-hee

Preparations before filming the drama..

Song Kang had to learn ballet for 5 to 6 months prior before shooting. The moves were very technical and tricky, so he focused on his body’s movements and emotional expressions. It was his first time doing ballet, but he enjoyed the process of his body transforming.

While Park In-hwan said, it was much more difficult than what he had expected. It required a lot of effort. Before the shooting began, they met twice a week for the lessons. It was especially difficult for him because he is less flexible, and flexibility and graceful movements are important for ballet. Their goal wasn’t to become a professional ballerino, but rather to show that you can take on any challenge. It’s very difficult to become a professional at his age. The leotard is very uncomfortable and tight, but you have to wear it for ballet. With each passing day, you get used to it.

Song Kang

Song Kang receives support from his father and his new nickame..

You might not know that Song Kang’s father was a gymnast. Rather than giving him advice, Song Kang said his father gave him a lot of support and told him to do his best. Since it was his first time, Song Kang was really worried about whether he could pull it off, but he thinks he did well, so he would like to give himself a pat on the back.

Song Kang is definitely on his rising popularity these days. His handsome face literally ‘everywhere’ on Netflix. Even fans are calling him as ‘Netflix’s son’, because he was cast on three Netflix Original Series – Sweet Home, Love Alarm and Navillera. Song Kang says he is very humble about compliments regarding his casting. He wants to be an actor that is worthy of the title of being an actor.

Hong Seung-hee

On their chemistry on set..

Song Kang said he would give their chemistry 100 out of 100. He was very worried at first, but Park In-Hwan guided him and he just had to depend on him.

Park In-Hwan also give 100 points to their chemistry. “He (Song Kang) is very kind and warm-hearted. Chae-rok’s younger than me, but he’s my teacher. I had to chase him around and keep talking to him. He was sometimes annoyed and upset with me, but I had to keep chasing him around. My first impression of him was a young and innocent boy. I could see him change and grow as an actor. He absorbs everything and makes it his own so I think he will grow to become a great actor.”

Messages to fans..

Park In-hwan : I hope that the series will give you a little bit of peace of mind and give you a warm experience. It’s about average people and it’s a human drama that will bring an emotional experience.

Song Kang : Navillera is not only entertaining, but it’s also moving. There are also spectacular ballet performances in the series. It’s a rare theme and I think you’ll be mesmerized by the beauty of ballet.

Na Moon-Hee : I hope that the silver generation, who is very lonely, especially because of COVID, should still prepare for new points in our lives. I hope they learn to cherish themselves the most.

Hong Seung-hee : This is a story about dreams and new challenges. It’s a story about people living their day-to-day lives to the best of their abilities. I hope you can take away a very heartwarming experience from it during these very difficult times.


Navillera will be released on Netflix on March 22, with new episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 10PM MYT!

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