[Airport Fashion] We L.O.V.E Apink!

Hey K-Popped! fans, for our airport fashion feature this week, we’ll focus on girl group Apink! These pictures showed how they styled themselves when heading to Malaysia for MTV World Stage 2015. The girls look sweet, simple, casual and girly.

150911 Chorong 2

Chorong looks feminine with a simple striped dress. Looks like she wants to go on a date with a Malaysian fanboy?

150911 Bomi

Cute Harry Potter Bomi detected here! She looks so adorable with a polka dot cardigan, white shirt and short pants.

150911 Eunji

Eunji looks really swag and confident with a long gray cardigan, black leggings and high-cut converse sneakers.

150911 Hayoung

Hayoung choose a feminine look with a simple tee and skirt. We love the red sling bag!

150911 Naeun

Naeun looked perfect with a leather jacket, long-sleeved sunshine shirt, ripped jeans and casual sneakers.

150911 Namjoo

Namjoo looked like a friendly but busy girl in her casual attire.

Bonus : Derp Bomi, friendly Hayoung and playful Eunji


Pictures credit to the owner.

Do you like this sweet girl group’s airport fashion? Share with us your thoughts on which girl group inspires your fashion style.

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