[EXCLUSIVE] Monsta X on their MAMA win and message to Malaysian fans

Monsta X (몬스타엑스) is a hip hop boy group formed by Starship Entertainment in 2015. The group consists of seven members; Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon, and I.M.

Just 7 months after debuting, Monsta X nabbed their first award at Mnet Asia Music Award (MAMA) recently and K-popped! had the opportunity to sit down and have a fun chat with the boys. Without further ado, let’s check it out!


If you can describe Monsta X in 3 words, it would be…

Kihyun: Freedom, Hip hop, Fun
Shownu: Energy, Individuality, Edgy
Hyungwon: Reverse, Hip Hop, Monster
I.M: O.M.G
JooHeon: Energy
MinHyuk: Energy, Trespass, Power
Wonho: Energy, 7 members, Monbebe

Tell us what are you up to recently? And what plans do you have in the future?

Shownu: We just finished our last HERO broadcast stage recently, and we are preparing for the year end ceremonies. Recently we also took part in the opening performances in one China video website called IQIYI, also thankfully we took part in MAMA and MMA and received our awards, especially working with Seventeen at MAMA to show a different side of us was a good experience and we were really happy.

Congratulations on winning the Next Generation Asian Artist award at MAMA! Since you have only debuted for 7 months, how does it feel to receive the award?

KiHyun: When we received the award I was totally blank and confused, it just felts good. We will work hard in the future just like the award’s name (Next Generation).
I.M: Since it was something we did not expect, of course we were dumbfounded. We have to work harder next year like the award’s name.
Shownu: I am really grateful about it.
HyungWon: Because we really did not expect this award so I was shocked, nevertheless I felt really good. All I thought was to work harder in the future.
MinHyuk: I think it is a really meaningful award, just like the name (Next Generation). Please look forward to us!
WonHo: Since we have been recognized, we will work harder. I love you all Monbebe!

We heard you (Monsta X) received a lot of attention during your MAMA stage, were there any interesting stories while working with Seventeen?

WonHo: Since we were really close with Seventeen we always wanted to collaborate with Seventeen. Therefore, we were able to make our dreams come true through the MAMA stage. It was a really good experience and I liked it a lot.
Shownu and KiHyun: To be honest we prepared it in a rush so it was very hectic, but since they were friends we could get along with, we could work along with them well too.
JooHeon: It was really interesting as we all laughed a lot while practicing.
HyungWon: Since there were a lot of members, while performing on stage the impact was really interesting.

Monsta X MAMA award

What was the next best thing besides receiving the award from MAMA?

KiHyun: I think it is really hard to forget the experience at MAMA. It was of course an honor to receive the award, it felt really great to have the chance to perform at a stage where all fans from around the world are gathered at.
HyungWon: It felt really great because we could expose ourselves to more people as there were fans from all around the world.
MinHyuk: We did not really have the chance to see our foreign fans that’s why it was really a precious time for us. It felt really great to perform in front of our foreign fans while communicating with them through music and dance.
Shownu: I felt really honored to be given the chance to stand in the same stage with the Sunbaes I always respected, also felt really great to stand in front of a huge audience.
I.M and WonHo: Meeting and taking pictures with Big Bang Sunbae, PSY Sunbae, Chow Yun Fat Sunbae in real life was unforgettable!

What is your biggest change after debuting? Which member changed the most?

KiHyun: There is no more time to slack around and we always have to think what we have to do next in our schedule! I think Wonho hyung had the most change!
Shownu: Haha, I don’t think there are any differences. Since we were dancing and singing since we were trainees.
HyungWon: I think Shownu hyung became more active.
I.M: The difference is that we could now stand on a real stage!
JooHeon: Just like how Shownu hyung mentioned before there were not much change like how practiced during the trainee days but now we also released our album and people start to love and recognize us.
MinHyuk: Our parents really like it now! The member that had the most change is me. (Because of my hair color.Haha)
WonHo: The existence of Monbebe now, I love you all!

If there is a chance to debut as a unit group, which member would you like to work with and why?

KiHyun: Jooheon! Before this we worked a lot together too.
Shownu: I want to try working with each member. Since all members are very unique, I think it will create an interesting combination.
HyungWon: I want to try dance performing with Shownu hyung and WonHo hyung because they are members that like dancing a lot.
I.M: JooHeon, I want to try rapping only.
Jooheon: I.M, since both of us do rapping, I think we can create something interesting.
MinHyuk: I want to try working with the 93-line member aka HyungWon because we are most comfortable with each other.
WonHo: A dance unit with Shownu and HyungWon also the members of Nuboyz; Jooheon, I.M and Shownu too.

What are your personal dreams or plans?

KiHyun: I want to be recognized as a vocalist.
Shownu: I want to become an artist that has been recognized and loved more than now.
HyungWon: Firstly, I think I want to improve myself as an artist, maybe in the future to pursue in acting and modeling.
I.M: If chances allow, I would like to produce music with indie artists.
JooHeon: Doesn’t matter after 10~20 years, my dream and goal is to enjoy doing music.
MinHyuk: To get first place in music broadcast programs, and I want to try becoming a MC at the music broadcast programs.
WonHo: I want to try doing individual activities and I would like to try team producing in the future too.

Monsta X Hero
From left: Shownu, Minhyuk, KiHyun, JooHeon, WonHo, Hyungwon, I.M

To Leader (Shownu): As a leader, which members listens to you the most and which member troubles you the most?

Shownu: Nope, they are all really nice dongsaengs. Haha

To Maknae (I.M): Which member takes care of you the most? Were there any impressive moments?

I.M: Monsta X loves me well.Haha ^^

Were there any interesting fan encounters so far?

JooHeon: There was a fan that cried seeing us, that was really unforgettable.
HyungWon: Me too, there were fans that saw us at the fan sign and cried, I felt sorry yet thankful.
KiHyun: I think Chinese and Singaporean fans are very loud and supportive.
I.M: I think the fans at K-CON LA were really unforgettable, since we only debuted for a few months they were very gentle and liked us a lot.
MinHyuk: There are always fans who cheer for us really loud, those fans are very unforgettable.

If you are a girl, who would you choose to date among the members? Who would be the best oppa and why?

KiHyun: I will absolutely choose a different guy (out of Monsta X), since all our members are so busy, I don’t think they will meet me well and treat me well.
Shownu: Hyungwon oppa! Since he is tall and good looking, that’s the best.
HyungWon: Shownu, he is reliable and tough.
I.M: Me, I.M. I am actually a nice guy, you will know when you meet me.
JooHeon: I want to date myself! I am actually curious about myself. And I think Shownu would be the best oppa, since his existence makes everything reliable.
MinHyuk: Shownu, I think he can protect me well.
WonHo: All members, I think they are all very manly.

Pick any song you enjoyed listening to recently and recommend it to your Malaysian fans.

KiHyun: Chris Brown <Zero>, Ed Sheeran <Thinking Out Loud> , Drake <Hotline Bing>
Shownu: The weekend <Often>, Baek Ye Rin <Across the Universe>, Chris Brown  <Fine By Me>
HyungWon: Son Hyun Woo <Now We Know Why>
I.M: DEAN <I’m Not Sorry>, Sim Kyu Seon <데미안>
JooHeon: Justin Bieber <Make My World>, Lee Sora <처음 느낌 그대로>, Chris Brown <Fine By Me>
MinHyuk: Joo Heon<Flower Cafe>, Jungkey<너를 만나>, KyuHyun<Remember Me>
WonHo: Justin Bieber <Where Are U Now>, Kanye West<Only One>

If you visit Malaysia, what will you be looking forward to?

KiHyun: I really want to visit Malaysia. I am very curious of the culture and the fans in Malaysia, also the food in Malaysia, I would love to try them.
JooHeon: I am really curious how passionate are Malaysian fans!
MinHyuk: I am looking forward to hearing the cheers of Malaysian fans.

Any messages for your Malaysian fans?

KiHyun: Malaysian Fans! We will visit you all soon, please wait for us a little bit more. We will be coming soon!
Shownu: Hello, this is Monsta X. Although we have not visited before, we would love to have a great stage and greet Malaysian fans in Malaysia!
HyungWon: If chances allow, I would love to go see Malaysian fans. If we are to go to Malaysia, we will practice hard to perform well since we could not visit much. Till then, please pay attention and support us.
I.M: Malaysian Fans!! Nama saya I.M, I would love visit you guys faster, Malaysian Monbebe Jjang!
JooHeon: I love you all Malaysian fans! Please wait a little more as we will go soon!
MinHyuk: I love you all, we will visit as soon as possible!
WonHo: Please look forward to us, I am thankful everyday for remembering us, I love you all!

That’s not all, they even left a video message for their Malaysian fans! Enjoy!


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