SNOWDROP : The Built-Up Tension Is Bursting This Week! Recap and review from Episode 8 and 9

Episode 8

As we get to episode 8, after 4 episodes of hostage-holding and finally seeing the poor hostages getting some food, this is yet another hostage episode.

Trust has been broken, rebuilt and broken again between two countries, two parties and most important in this story of course, Soo-Ho and Yong-ro.

With the passing of the ASNP’s son aka Yong-ro’s brother, it has deepened even more distrust. You know things are getting harsher when death is in the picture now. Situation does not look good. When are we escaping the hostage episodes?

Distrust is set but although what is shown outside is Soo-ho’s cold shoulder towards Yong-ro did not pass Dr. Kang’s vibe check as she sees Soo-ho’s through his subtle actions. She’s indeed the better soldier out of them all.

I personally like seeing the fighting spirit even at the most dangerous of times for the hostages, clearly showcased by our Team Leader who kept missing moments to overturn the situation and Miss Pi who have tried her best to get in touch with the camp.

But after the revelation of Dr. Kang’s real identity, viewers can’t help but to be suspicious of Miss Pi as our Team Leader found a room full of tapes and transcribes of the girls chatting.

Lee Kang-moo has conveniently turned funny from his original ‘Black Tiger’ persona and though I welcome this, its a bit odd to the continuity.

The makjang part (the wives’ cat fight) is about to take effect into the plot other than their standalone rivalry. We know that Mrs. Nam shows low EQ through consultation with a fortune teller but it is apparent when she talked to Nam Tae-il after the funeral.

By the tail of this episode, we get the gist that hostages are not the important part to protect – it was the influence of the situation that it brings. Sickening and disgusting but at least the soundtrack that puzzled Lee Kang-moo made it funny.

The long-awaited romance is finally here. A little short-lived but it heals the heart that has been anticipating for the lovebirds to have some moment together.

Every character that has more than two lines actually holds the key to solutions of many issues that arise in this drama! Pretty interesting episode.


Episode 9

I love that we are starting this episode with the romance that was left in episode 8. We are finally seeing Yong-ro and Soo-ho communicating their hearts out! They chase, somewhat dance and stare into each other’s eyes – not in the most ideal way but that really tugs into your heartstrings. They are still in a power trip situation, yes. So we had to take in this much.

I pity Lee Kang-moo who had taken the brunt of every side by his own and he had to find out in the harshest way from being thrown on the floor, ignored by his own government and thrown water in the face by Miss Pi. I still don’t get why they placed the funny track on him but his mind-boggled expression really fits. We can forget the ‘Black Tiger’ aura we first get out of him on the first 3 episodes.

This is vital, now Han-na returns to the dorm to save Kang-moo but Kang-moo told her to find the evidence to convince Soo-ho. At this point, they have 9 days before the South Korean election to do anything that may or may not ruin the reputation of the ruling party. When Soo-ho and Kang-moo tried to find an agreement to save the lives of people whom they both suspected, their own government didn’t care of, Soo-ho requested definite proof that the people in power from both of their countries did not care about their lives.

Are we escaping the dormitory hostage episode? By the end of this episode, its promising that we are going to see a fresh perspective and new set in the 10th episode. Stay tuned with us.

Snowdrop airs every Sat and Sun, 10.30PM and available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar!

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